Finally, Some Good News For 2020: A Very Special Website Offer

Website Package.

Our All-In-One Website Package.


Guest Getter has been designed to make getting your own professional direct booking website for your short term rental as easy as possible.

We take your content and build it into our proven accommodation website design. There’s absolutely zero tech know-how required from you; just let us know your desired font, colour scheme and content and we’ll do the rest.

To make getting your own direct booking website as simple as possible, we offer a fantastic all-in-one package: the Guest Getter Website Package. Learn more about this below.

Guest Getter Website Package


The Guest Getter Website Package is the best way to get your book direct website up and running. We use the same technology and methods as we have used with our own short term rentals.

The package contains a wealth of great website features and functionalities that will make your short term rental stand head and shoulders above the rest. It includes the Guest Getter website, designed specifically to engage and convert prospective guests, as well as back-end analytics, current reviews, and a professional email to grow your database.

Best of all, this is not a do-it-yourself website. You provide the content and we’ll produce your website.

Please note that this package also involves setting up an account with freetobook, which is our recommended direct booking engine (it’s what we use). This is the platform to manage your bookings, the same as you use with Airbnb.

The cost of the Guest Getter Website Package is a one-time payment of AUD$1970 plus the Monthly Hosting Fee of AUD$27 (first three months included).

Best suited for:

  • someone with an Airbnb listing and wants to take advantage of the growing book direct trend without any technical headaches.
  • someone wanting the complete Guest Getter set up.
  • someone who’s been inspired by our case study and want the same online presence as us.
  • someone with an existing website and wants to update it with our Guest Getter design and booking engine functionality.

Guest Getter Website

Our website design has been optimised to convert prospects into guests. With clear call to action buttons, key information, and eye-catching galleries, the Guest Getter website is ideal for showcasing your property.

We Build Everything For You

With a Guest Getter website there’s no tech know-how required from your part. Simply provide your content (as simple as providing your current Airbnb listing) and we’ll do the rest.

Works Across All Devices

These days there’s roughly a 50/50 split with people using computers and mobile phones. That’s why we’ve made our dynamic website design performs beautifully for mobiles, tablets and desktop screens.

Business Emails

Keep it professional when communicating with your guests with a business email address, e.g.

Freetobook Direct Booking Engine

This is what having your own website is about – the ability to control the entire booking process and maximise your profit. We’ll assist you with setting up an account with freetobook. Learn more about how freetobook works.

Domain Registration

A domain is your internet real estate: i.e. With your consultation we’ll find the optimal domain for your short term rental.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great avenues for prospective guests to find your property. We connect your website to your social media.

Multiple Image Galleries

Visuals are a key detail in converting prospects into guests, and we’ve included eye-catching galleries to showcase the best of your images. Plus, we reduce all image file sizes for peak website performance.

Google Maps Integration

We use a Google Maps API key to locate your property on your website. Or, if you prefer more privacy, we can limit this to the general area.

Guest Testimonials

If you’ve already amassed glowing reviews on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Facebook etc we will use these on your new website.

Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Analytics and Search Console are valuable tools used for tracking website traffic, where people are clicking, and the keywords people are using to find your website. This data is useful to get you more guests.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website will be optimised to improve your ranking on Google and drive prospective traffic to your website.

See What Your Website Could Look Like.

Monthly Support Fee


In addition to the one-off payment, there is also a Monthly Support Fee of $AUD27, which is included free of charge for the first three months. This covers the cost of keeping your website up and running, as well as providing maintenance and support as outlined below.

Please note this is not a compulsory fee, if you do not wish for us to host and support your website after building it then you are free to host it elsewhere.


Web Hosting

The monthly cost of renting your space on the web. Includes speed-boosting caching, on-demand back ups, and staging.

Domain Renewal

We ensure your domain is renewed so you don’t lose your place on the internet.

Maintenance & Updates

Any updates or repairs to be made will be repaired and fixed by the Guest Getter team.

Monthly Marketing Report

We’ll email you a marketing report as deduced from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This will reveal the demographics of who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and more.

Support Call

A half hour call with the Guest Getter team to check in on how you’re going and answer any questions you may have.


Google My Business & Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

We build your online presence by creating and monitoring listings on Google My Business and the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, which is the  national platform for digital tourism data, providing content for tourism operators and distributors.

Minor Website Edits

If you have any minor changes to your website content we can do this 3 times a month.

How Guest Getter Works.

1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a free phone call appointment with us to discuss building your website. Getting a website isn’t something you pull out of a box; we want to get to know your business and to ensure you understand what you’re getting. Click here to schedule your call.

2. Provide Website Content

After payment, we’ll provide you with a form to fill in your website content, i.e. images and text. This can be as simple as sharing the link to your current Airbnb listing, or you can create fresh content, the choice is yours.

You’ll also be able to choose your website colour scheme, font, and add a logo.

Once we’ve received your content we’ll build your website, business email, register your domain name, and integrate it to the relevant services, e.g. social media, Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

3. Meet Your New Site

It’s time to meet your fabulous new website!

We’ll take you on a tour of your new site and show you how your new site works, connect your new business email, and answer any questions you may have.

We’ll assist with getting your freetobook account set up and help you with getting to know their booking dashboard.

We’ll also show you ways to encourage your guests to book direct.


4. Monthly Support Fee

If you’d like to make any changes to your website after it has been built, we allow 3 minor edits each month as part of our Monthly Support Fee. The first three months of this service is included in the initial payment.

Learn what the Monthly Support Fee covers here.

About freetobook: Direct Booking Engine


What is freetobook?

Freetobook is the direct booking engine we use on our websites. They are a Scotland-based company that has been providing all-in-one online reservations solutions since 1998. Like the 7000 accommodation businesses in 130 countries around the world that use freetobook, we find them to be simple to use, cost-effective and the best direct booking engine available.

Visit their website by clicking here.

How freetobook works

As the name suggests, using their direct booking system is ‘free to book’. There’s a dashboard, diary, social connectivity, and more. Think of it like the Airbnb dashboard where you upload your accommodation, pricing and availability and wait for the bookings to roll in.

Freetobook does offer extra services that you may decide to use, such as the Airbnb Connection and Stripe payment processing. Please note any extra services from freetobook are not part of the Guest Getter package.

How Guest Getter assists you with freetobook

We’re on hand to help you get your short term rental set up with them. As with any new process, there can be a learning curve with getting used to using freetobook. We will help you quickly understand their system and ensure that your business if fully functioning. If you’re confident using Airbnb’s dashboard you’ll find this platform just as easy.

Guest Getter Pricing.

*In addition to the above one-off payment for your Guest Getter Website Package there is a Monthly Support Fee of AUD$27. Learn what this includes here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I cancel the Monthly Support Fee?

If you don’t find our Monthly Support Fee great value for money then you are free to cancel this service. Please note you will have to pay for at least some of these services elsewhere for your website to operate.

If you want to cancel your Monthly Support Fee you will need to pay any associated costs of moving your domain to a new hosting service.

Will my Guest Getter website work on my iPad?

Yes. We optimise our websites to dynamically work on all devices. However your prospective guests are looking for you, they will find you.

Do I own my domain and website?

Yes. Once we’ve built your Guest Getter Website you own the domain, email and structure. We charge the Monthly Hosting Fee to cover the cost of running your site.

This is not always the case with website companies. With some, your website exists only when you pay their fees. If you want to stop paying their fees, essentially you stop having a website. Be sure to properly do your research!

What happens after I pay?

Once we’ve received your initial payment we will get to work on building your website. Depending on the package you’ve selected, you will need to provide us with the content so we can bring your website to life. This will take up to 10 business days to get ready.

When we’re finished, we will provide you with the account details and show you how to operate your new site.

Do I need a business social media account?

If your short term rental property doesn’t have any social media accounts that’s fine. However, we do recommend creating a Facebook or Instagram account as it’s a great way for you to attract new guests.

We’re working on providing a social media service soon.

Do I really need a direct booking website?

In a word – yes. See the numbers behind our short term rental property in our case study.

Any other questions?

We’re only a phone call away. Schedule your free call with us now or email at us at

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